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A word about Coach Cliff Ramos:

Coach Cliff Ramos was one of the most successful high school wrestling coaches in the nation, let alone in Georgia.  He was the “National Wrestling Coaches of America” association’s “National High School Wrestling Coach of the Year” in 2011.  But more importantly, he was a great man and a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.  FCA Wrestling is now introducing this new “Coach Cliff Ramos Perseverance Scholarship” award, to honor the life and career of Coach Cliff Ramos, and to continue the legacy of his unwavering devotion to his Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

Cliff was a man of faith and honor, who truly loved people.  During his 42-year coaching career he coached many champions and impacted thousands of young lives for the Lord.  Any wrestler who ever competed on a Coach Ramos team would agree, he knew how to help young people reach their God-given potential.  He had the respect of his wrestlers, fellow coaches, and his entire community.  In fact, Cliff’s influence ranged way past his local community to the wrestling world at large, across Georgia and around the nation.

In the spring of 2018, at the age of 65, Coach Ramos was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  On October 15, 2020, the Lord called Cliff home to heaven.  During his battle with cancer, Cliff fought valiantly, giving it his very best effort to the very end.  He never lost sight of his long-term goals, to love God, to love and inspire his family, and leave a godly legacy for thousands in the wrestling world to follow.

When FCA Wrestling was first founded in the summer of 2008, Coach Ramos was one of the first people we tapped into.  He was always a critical asset to our summer wrestling camps, to our tournament devotions strategy, and to our process of impacting wrestling coaches for the Lord.  Cliff was an invaluable asset to the ministry of FCA Wrestling right up until his “homecoming” in October of 2020.  He will always be deeply appreciated and profoundly missed.  Cliff was “one of a kind”.

Now, his wife, Kathy, and his children Taylor, Trevor, & Kara (all married with young families), and many of the wrestlers he coached continue Cliff’s legacy of impacting the wrestling community for Christ.


Please note that this is a scholarship award for Senior Wrestlers Only!  Coaches must nominate the student athlete.  Coaches must submit their “Coach Ramos Perseverance Award Nominations” by clicking below on the appropriate button, “COACHES CLICK HERE”.  Student athletes must complete and submit the “Nominee Information Form” by clicking below on the button, STUDENT – ATHLETE NOMINEE CLICK HERE”.

All nominations must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The award nominee must be a senior in high school.
  • The nominee can be male or female.
  • The nominee must have demonstrated a significant amount of courage and perseverance in their effort to endure in the sport of wrestling during their high school wrestling career.  This effort could have been over a span of one season, or all the way through their high school wrestling experience.  The main point is to recognize a student-athlete’s perseverance in fighting through pain and challenge to reach their goal of wrestling for their team.
  • The nominee must have maintained a GPA of at least a 2.5 (C+) or better during their high school experience.
  • The nominee must have demonstrated a dynamic personal Christian faith, with which he or she sought to positively influence their coaches, teammates in wrestling, and their classmates for the Lord.
  • The nominee must have been a faithful and hard-working member of their high school wrestling team for a minimum of 3 years (3 full wrestling seasons).  This does NOT mean that they had to wrestle for the Varsity line-up, only that they were a hard-working and positive contributor to the team over a period of at least 3 seasons.  They may never have made the Varsity line-up, but if they faithfully attended all practice, came to matches, supported, and encouraged their wrestling teammates, they may qualify as a candidate for this scholarship award.
  • IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  This award is designed to evaluate a student-athletes courage and perseverance in overcoming physical challenges (like serious injuries, handicaps, or illnesses).  It is NOT to evaluate the stability of a candidate’s homelife or family financial picture.  For liability reasons, NO information on a candidate’s financial situation, or their family’s stability (or emotional health) will be considered.  Do NOT mention any of these factors in your candidate’s nomination forms.  To do so could eliminate your student nominee from consideration for this award.

Student athletes MUST also submit (2) reference letters in addition to the completed “Nominee Information Form” noted below, for their application to be considered.

Please email ALL reference letters to Lisa Hankins at lhankins@fca.orgThe deadline for all submissions and reference letters is midnight January 11, 2023. Receipt of completed nomination will be verified with an email to the coach.

Please call or email Lisa Hankins with any questions, 706-255-7521

Coach Cliff Ramos Perseverance Award Nomination

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