The deadline for all submissions and reference letters is midnight January 11, 2023


(To recognize a deserving a senior high school wrestler for their demonstration of perseverance through physical challenge or hardship, dedication to their wrestling team and their sport, and their personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ). 

Please read all information on the previous page to ensure that you are aware of all the qualifications and deadline

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  This award is designed to evaluate a student-athlete’s courage and perseverance in overcoming physical challenges (like serious injuries, handicaps, or illnesses).  It is NOT to evaluate the stability of a candidate’s homelife or family financial picture.  For liability reasons, NO information on a candidate’s financial situation, or their family’s stability (or emotional health) will be considered.  Do NOT mention any of these factors in your candidate’s nomination forms.  To do so could eliminate your student nominee from consideration for this award. 

NOTE:  Minimum qualifications for this award:  Student athlete / varsity senior wrestler who has:

1. Overcome significant challenges with physical injuries or health to compete in the sport of wrestling.

2.  Who has maintained with a minimum GPA of at least 2.5 (C+) average. 

3.  Who has wrestled in their high school wrestling program for at least three years.

4.  Who has demonstrated a consistent effort to influence their coaches, teammates, and schoolmates for the Lord.

5.  Who has demonstrated their faith & character both in their lifestyle and actions, and in their words.