The deadline for all submissions and reference letters is midnight January 11, 2024

COACH’S NOMINATION FORM – please read ALL instructions / scroll down for nomination form


THE COACH CLIFF RAMOS “PERSEVERANCE AWARD” requirements:  (nomination form below)

Please note that this is a scholarship award for Senior Wrestlers Only!  Coaches must nominate the student athlete.
All nominations must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The award nominee must be a senior in high school.
  • The nominee can be male or female.
  • The nominee must have demonstrated a significant amount of courage and perseverance in their effort to endure in the sport of wrestling during their high school wrestling career.  This effort could have been over a span of one season, or all the way through their high school wrestling experience.  The main point is to recognize a student-athlete’s perseverance in fighting through pain and challenge to reach their goal of wrestling for their team.
  • The nominee must have maintained a GPA of at least a 2.5 (C+) or better during their high school experience.
  • The nominee must have demonstrated a dynamic personal Christian faith, with which he or she sought to positively influence their coaches, teammates in wrestling, and their classmates for the Lord.
  • The nominee must have been a faithful and hard-working member of their high school wrestling team for a minimum of 3 years (3 full wrestling seasons).  This does NOT mean that they had to wrestle for the Varsity line-up, only that they were a hard-working and positive contributor to the team over a period of at least 3 seasons.  They may never have made the Varsity line-up, but if they faithfully attended all practice, came to matches, supported, and encouraged their wrestling teammates, they may qualify as a candidate for this scholarship award.
  • IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  This award is designed to evaluate a student-athletes courage and perseverance in overcoming physical challenges (like serious injuries, handicaps, or illnesses).  It is NOT to evaluate the stability of a candidate’s homelife or family financial picture.  For liability reasons, NO information on a candidate’s financial situation, or their family’s stability (or emotional health) will be considered.  Do NOT mention any of these factors in your candidate’s nomination forms.  To do so could eliminate your student nominee from consideration for this award.

Student athletes MUST also upload (2) reference letters in addition to the completed “Nominee Information Form” to be considered.

Please contact us with further questions:
Kathy Ramos / 404-455-8561
Lisa Hankins / 706-255-7521