Congratulations to our Scholarship finalist for the 2022 Wrestler of the Year:

Chase Horn (West Laurens High School )
Bladyn Bowman (Trion High School )

 Congratulation to our first ever recipient of the FCA Female Wrestler of the Year:    Breshyia Farley (Putnam County High School)
Congratulations to our first ever recipient of the Cliff Ramos Perseverance Scholarship Award:  Samantha Hauff (Apalachee High School )

FCA Wrestling’s “Coach Cliff Ramos Perseverance Award” 2022 Nominees:

Aliyanah Rogers, North Hall H.S., Coach Wesley Adams
Hayden Hilderbrand, Denmark H.S., Coach Ty Brown
Samantha Hauff, Aplalachee H.S., Coach Randy Hill

FCA Wrestling Scholarship Awards 2022

“FCA Wrestler of the Year” 2022 Nominees:

Aidan Acton, Northside H.S., Coach Matt Redmond
Bladyn Bowman, Trion H.S., Coach Eric Brock
Chase Horne, West Laurens H.S. , Coach Mitch Lawhorn
Cooper Jones, Pike Co. H.S., Coach Clay Woerner
Dominic DiTomasso, Lowndes H.S., Coach Spencer Graybeal
Ivan Arroyo, Burke Co. H.S., Coach Daniel Hance
Jackson Claunch, Alexander H.S., Coach Sean Moistner
Jacob Carpenter, Montgomery H.S., Coach Will Adams
Jacob Galindez, South Effingham H.S., Coach Christompher Bringer
Jakamron Ammons-Coleman, Rockmart H.S., Coach Drew Lindsey
John (Nick) Mitchell, Fayette Co. H.S., Coach Andy Jones
Luke Morrison, Newnan H.S., Coach Eric Shae
Spencer Fields, Whitewater H.S, Coach Ray Ross
Tyler Crow, East Jackson H.S., Coach Matthew Patton
Will Mason, Carrollton H.S., Coaches Nick White & Michael Cleek

FCA Female Wrestler of the Year 2022 Nominees:

Breshyia Farley, Putnam H.S., Coach Joseph Hutsell
Maddie Steiner, Newnan H.S., Coach Eric Shea

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