FCA Wrestling – Team Huddles


Welcome FCAW small group leader!  Thanks for organizing this “Team Huddle” group.  This means you want to discuss and learn along with your group what the following devotions mean.

Does this NOT mean you need to know all the answers?  When confronted with a question that is difficult to answer on the spot, just say “That is a great question, and I am not sure how to answer it.  What do you think it means?”  If a question begs an answer, just say “I will find out and get back to you”.  And then follow up!

As group leader, you have a few responsibilities.  These include:  organizing a time, a place, and a group of wrestlers who want meet, and guiding your group through these lessons.  (Most coaches & wrestlers prefer to hold the “team huddle” right after a practice, in the wrestling room, usually early in the week.  Work that out with the coach.)  You may have to ask the questions, guide the discussion or encourage others to talk a bit more but you can do it!  Below are a few “core principles & guidelines” that will help your group stay on task.  You will want to go through these “core beliefs & guidelines” during your first meeting time.

If any important issues or questions come up, or if there are serious needs of a group member, PLEASE call Bill Gifford (with FCA Wrestling) for some guidance!

  1. Confidentiality: Anything shared in group time is to be held in strict confidence. Very hard to do, but let’s try.  This helps people feel safe to share and it shows respect for one another.
  2. TIME: Be respectful of others’ time.  Start & end the devotions on time.  This will allow coaches and kids to get home for dinner and their evening responsibilities.
  3. Encourage everyone to talk:  Don’t let any one person dominate the conversation.  Graciously re-direct the conversation to another wrestler if one person dominates the sharing time.  It is also important to try to stay on topic and support the lesson.  Sometimes silence is good for people to think, or to gather courage to speak up.
  4. Major on the majors:  Stay on the topic of the day with the materials you have.  Do not bring in politics, what your church or preacher said, or other tangents.  Avoid potentially inflammatory topics, especially with the whole group / team.
  5. This is not a counseling session:  Members can best serve one another by praying and encouraging the person in need.  If a real serious issue / problem comes up, please refer this person to someone who can help them.  Alert Bill Gifford, and perhaps call a local pastor, or counselor you trust.
  6. Attendance:   As a leader, commit to being there every week.
  7. Prayer:  Encourage group & individual prayer, to gain a deeper relationship with Jesus.
  8. Worship:  God loves song, praise, and music!  Suggest to the wrestlers some contemporary Christian artists to listen to.  Many kids don’t even know these exist!