Developing a program to “disciple” / mentor coaches in their Christian faith.

The goal of a “discipleship program” for wrestling coaches is to build coaches into “world-changing followers of Jesus Christ”. This process involves several simple steps:

  1. Challenging coaches to spend faithful time together studying God’s Word, starting with the basics of the Christian faith.
  2. Utilizing a solid, theologically sound regimen of study in God’s Word, that takes a person from the basics of the Christian faith to a mature knowledge of how to grow in the faith and lead others in the faith.
  3. Have a weekly, (or a regular time) for coaches to meet for discussion of God’s Word, to encourage one another, and to hold each accountable in being “students of the Word”.
  4. Giving coaches the opportunities to stretch their faith, share their faith with others, and lead others to growth in the Christian faith.
    – Among other things, this would include having them “reproduce” the lessons they have learned in God’s Word with other coaches (other “faithful men”), based on the admonition of 2 Tim. 2: 2.
    – This would also include training coaches in how to speak publicly and share their personal faith journey with others.
  5. Below is a basic curriculum that is suggested for the establishment of a strong faith in the basics of the Christian faith. Each month covers a different aspect of the Christian faith that is essential for a Christian to understand. The curriculum will be build each month upon the previous month, taking the lessons from the foundation of the faith (who is Jesus Christ, and what makes Him different from all other men), to the basics of how to grow in a personal relationship with God, how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, how to share our faith with others, and how to lead others in a growing walk with Christ.
  6. Gather a small group of faithful men who want to grow in the faith, pick a time to meet on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly), and be faithful to meeting at that time. Hold each accountable to the doing the homework, and memorizing the key Scripture “memory verses”.
  7. Start with the first month, and follow the curriculum in chronological order, as it is listed upon our website each month. We’ll add one new month of training, each new month.