We are so very excited to announce that Chase Sippola is the our 2020 recipient of the FCA Wrestler of the Year award and scholarship for 2019.

About Chase

Chase is a person of action. He uses words when necessary. He follows his convictions and does the things that he feels lead by Christ to do. He is a part of several different Christian clubs and Bible Studies. Often in conversation about what is happening in life he references the teachings of Jesus to help him decide on a course of action. He donates his time to local organizations such as the Strong House which uses wrestling as a tool to share the gospel of Christ. He is a role model to which I hope others strive to follow. He is involved in youth leadership at his church as well as the local young life groups. Chase is currently undefeated this season. He was the state runner up at 195 lbs. as a Junior in class AAAAA. As a varsity wrestler he currently holds a record of over 100 career wins and under 35 career losses. He was a dominant force for CHS at the end of the season last year. No one trains harder than he does. He is our team captain and not just by name but by how he handles himself. His will to win and serve his team is second to none. He takes every chance available to him to get better on and off the mat by working with other wrestlers and or coaches. He relishes the opportunity to get better even if that means a rough practice session with some college guys.

Chase Sippola currently holds a GPA of 4.0 and an SAT score of 1380. The reason for such great scores is the same reason for his success on the mat. Failure is not an option and hard work pays off. He has taken several advanced placement classes and maintains a high level of success regardless of the subject or content area. He recently has received his nomination to attend Army, West Point. He has been offered by the Coast Guard Academy as well. These things do not happen without a tremendous work ethic and attention to detail. Chase Sippola will not survive but thrive at the next level in academics as well as athletics.

Chase has been the captain on the wrestling team as a Junior and as a Senior. He was voted on as a captain for the football team who was ranked #1 most of the year and reached the quarterfinals. Chase is a member of the National Honor Society, the Environmental club, FCA, the Student Ambassador for Voting as well as the treasurer for Student Council.

Chase is on the leadership team at CHS FCA where I serve as the Huddle Leader. Chase has shared his testimony and taught the word of Christ during our weekly Huddle Meetings and during our leadership team meetings. He is one of the student athletes responsible for the positive wrestler/football/lacrosse athlete turnout that we have on a weekly basis. He leads a Sunday devotional at the local wrestling gym that we have in Carrollton as well.

As I mentioned before, Chase is a stalwart in our community. He is a leader at his church, our high school FCA, young life and the local youth wrestling gym that is faith based. There has never been a young kid that he has not stopped to speak to and teach Jesus or anything else. Recently, at CHS, we lost a member of the class of 2020. Chase McDaniel lost his fight with cancer. Mr. McDaniel was a football player at CHS. He passed away during the playoffs. This tragedy struck our community hard. During this time the football team looked to its leaders, it’s captains. Chase Sippola was called on again to stand in the gap. He delivered a moving speech at the funeral for his fallen brethren and was available for teammates to speak to. During that week alone over 100 people made decisions for Christ. Chase was someone available during a moment of tragedy that changed someone’s eternity. We are in debt to him for that week.

Written by Nick White, Carrollton High School

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