Congratulations to Taylor Price from Newnan High School – 2018 Wrestler of the Year Scholarship recipient.

We are so very excited to announce that Taylor Price is the first ever female recipient of the FCA Wrestler of the Year award and scholarship.

About Taylor…..Taylor is a role model to not only the wrestling team but so many others. Above all things she is a servant who does so with compassion and love modeling Jesus as she does this. She faithfully serves anytime her home has opportunities as well as all FCA local mission projects. She recently was given some funds to spend on her and her family for Christmas and with her share she purchased Christmas socks for the special needs children she works with at the high school. She is grounded in the Word daily and welcomes and encourages her family and teammates to do so as well.

This is Taylor’s third year as a wrestler and has not missed an opportunity to put in extra time or go to camps or competitions to make her better. Her work habits are amazing. Because of all that and her positive attitude she accomplished one of her goals and that was to be a varsity wrestler which she is at the 152 class. In addition, she was County girls champion 2018. The attitude she brings to everything is that of ” failure is not an option” She will be the first in her family to ever graduate college and she is focused.

Taylor’s FCA involvement:

  • Taylor is a beautiful example of FCA and all the values the ministry represents.
  • She has attended FCA campus huddle faithfully for three years and this year is a part of the leadership team
  • Attended three FCA Wrestling Camps
  • Attended FCA Captains Camp and has applied to be a counselor this year.
  • Spoke at Coweta County Fields of Faith 2018
  • Spoke at Coweta – Fayette Legacy Dinner with Gus Malzahn
  • Created a student led Bible study meeting after practice weekly

Taylor also volunteers with the Coweta County Junior Wrestling program and serves at Newnan City Church on the AV team, and never misses a mission opportunity.

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